Ironman 703

Athlete’s Bike Check-In Reminders

-Bike check in hours will be strictly followed (10am-4pm)
-Athletes must come with their bikes
-Athletes must show Tyvek Bands to Enter
-For Bike Relay Athletes, only those with Bike Tyvek Bands will be allowed to enter
-No companions will be allowed inside the transition area. Companions will be asked to stay outside the transition area. 
-Loitering in the transition area is strictly prohibited.
-Once you exit the transition area during bike check in, you will only be allowed to come back in the next day
-Ensure to vacate the transition area by 4pm
-Participants will have full access to their bikes on race morning. Transition Area will be be open at 5am on race day

-Only road bikes and TT (tri) bikes will be allowed
-Stickers must be attached before bike check-in
-Colored sticker with athlete’s number must be attached on the top tube 
-White sticker with athlete’s number must be attached on the seat post
-Park your bikes on the right side of your assigned numbered bike box
-Once you check in your bikes, bikes cannot be removed from transition until the bike portion of the race begins
-With the possibility of rain, decide to cover your bike during bike check in
-There is no tech assistance nor tools available during bike check-in
-No riding inside the transition area at all times

-The bike box with your corresponding athlete number is for your gears and  belongings
-Never leave personal belongings (cellphone, money, jewelry, etc.) in the bike box. Sunrise Events Inc (SEI) will not be -liable for loss of these personal belongings
-Helmets, Shoes, other items may be brought into transition on morning of Race day
-Helmets, Shoes and race belts may be clipped or attached to the bike.
-There will be limited tech assistance on race day